Optex Opticians Ltd launches a new branch in Nyeri,next to Naivas supermarket.

The care and love for Nyeri people as much as their eyes ere concerned has compelled us to add an optical clinic next to Naivas supermarket.

Optex Opticians team led by The Managing director Dr.Kranthi Palapati and CEO Dr Sandip Pandey officiated the process together with the team and the community members present.

Free computerized eye check up

The branch will commence by immense offers to the clients who will get to visit the shop in the first three weeks.

The offers include:

50% off on all the sunglasses

50% discount on all the frames and many more.

We will be offering the following services :



Eye care

Eye examination

Children’s eye care

Spectacle frame repair

Dry and red eye assessment

Prescription sports eyewear

Digital Eye Pressure check up