About Us

Optex Opticians -

Providing excellent services

Optex Opticians we are at fore front of keeping your eyes healthy and safe and thus we do not charge for eye check up. We want to provide the best & affordable eye care solutions  and products in Kenya 

  • Free eye check up
  • Qualified doctors
  • Professionals Experts
  • Easy and Affordable Billing

We are committed to keep your eyes healthy & safe

Why People Choose Us?

At Optex Opticians Limited, its not just brands & fashion its about helping our customers make the right decision. This is due to the vast experience our staff members have gained in their respective specialties over the years.

To provide the best & affordable eye care solutions and products in Kenya & beyond

To be the eye care solutions provider of choice in Kenya, for both eye care products and services

  • Attentiveness : carefully listens to the needs of all our customers before recommending solutions.
  • Courtesy : Handle all customers with courtesy & dignity.
  • Respect : Respect & value  our clients and the society we are in.
  • Efficiency : Handle all our work promptly and efficiently at all times.
  • Integrity : Staff members are accountable for their actions.
  • Teamwork : Achieve all goals and to provide excellent service to all customer  through teamwork.
  • Innovation : Dilligent in researching new services and method of delivering those services to  clients.